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Get your bathroom feeling fresh and clean all day long with our Avalans® Super Bath Mat.
Here’s how it’ll make your life easy:
High water absorption
Non-slip layer
Easy to clean

This super-absorbent, non-slip mat protects spaces in your house from water and oil, keeping it fresh for comfortable living.


Its high permeability of water and rapid penetration can help absorb stains on the floor surface without them accumulating or sticking to the tiles. Its water absorption features, and drainage performance makes it a must for the wet spaces in any house.
Thanks to its water absorption and drainage performance, it is suitable for most  spaces in your house. 

It is designed with your needs in mind - to fit perfectly in front of your shower or bathtub. The double-sided non-slip layer provides double protection against accidents in the bathroom. And the rubber bottom increases stability, to keep you and your loved ones safe.


Getting ready for the day in a bathroom that’s made to suit you, can make all the difference to it. That is why our mat is made of high-quality PVC + technical velvet which is non-toxic and safe to use, to keep your feet feeling good. 


Its quick absorption of water enables it to self-clean and reduces the time you spend in cleaning the floor. The resistance it offers, to friction, humidity and damage makes it durable as well as enjoyable.
All you need is a sponge or brush and some detergent to clean it and make it just like new. Being foldable, it can easily be stored away without taking up much space.


Its versatility allow you to use your super absorbent mat in different spaces in your house. Never worry about dripping water again! Use it as a bathroom mat, a sink mat, a kitchen mat or a doormat.

Product Details:

Material: Nappa leather + PVC
Item shape: 3 shapes available
Item colour: Four colours available - blue, green, grey, black
Item size: 40 cm x 60 cm
Item weight: 630 g 

Choose from an oval and rectangular shape to make the mat fit spaces in your house the best possible way. There are four colours available: blue, green, grey and black so go on and become your own personal home decorator right now!

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