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What better way to add a splash of greenery to your home or office than with a green plant wall pot?

This product is perfect for those who want to add a touch of greenery to their home or office without the hassle of caring for live plants.

Handwriting Naturally and Smooth

The kids drawing tablet's pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface creates lines of different thicknesses based on how hard you push, writing board is like writing with a pen on paper.

Environmentally and Eye-friendly

The drawing pad uses the Newest LCD pressure-sensitive technology, No more worry about wasting paper and killing trees; LCD screen, no radiation, no glare, all protect your eyes be more safe and comfortable when you create work for a long time.

One Key to Clear

Writing or drawing with the included plastic stylus, with a lock-protection switch. clear your writing content quickly with simply one press of erasing button.

Life Waterproof Wear-Resistant and Anti-Fall

The external screen can isolate general splashing water.

Long Battery Life

Replaceable coin-cell battery, Writing and erasing more than 40,000 times, battery type: CR2016 3.0V.

Anti-Erase Key Design

Elaborately designed anti-scratch lock function to avoid accidental touch leading to the erasure

The pot is made of sturdy plastic and has a water reservoir, so you only need to worry about refilling it every few weeks. The pot also comes with a hook, making it easy to hang on any wall.


Perfect for small spaces, the sleek design is also low maintenance and easy to care for.

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