PULSE Fitness Foldable™

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Looking to get ripped? This is the product for you! The push-up board comes in four different colors, each targeting a specific muscle group.

Looking to up your fitness game? The push-up board is perfect for targeting specific muscle groups and getting a great workout.

Made of environmental ABS, it's durable and easy to use. With four different color-coded areas, you can focus on your chest, shoulders, back, or triceps. And the best part? It's portable so you can take it with you wherever you go!
The push-up board is a great way to target specific muscle groups when working out. The different color-coded areas target different muscle groups, so you can focus your workout and get the most out of it.
The heavy-duty construction and comfortable grip make it easy to use and help you get a great workout in.
Looking for a workout that is effective and fun? Look no further than the push-up board! This workout tool is perfect for targeting specific muscle groups - chest, shoulders, back, and triceps.
The different color-coded push-up board makes it easy to keep track of your progress and see results quickly.
The sturdy yet lightweight design makes it easy to take with you anywhere, so you can get a great workout even when you're on the go.
The push-up board is perfect for working your chest, shoulders, back, and triceps. With four different color-coded positions, you can target specific muscle groups for a more customized workout.
The push-up board is made of environmental ABS material and is lightweight and easy to store.
Get the perfect upper body workout at home with the push-up board!

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