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If you're looking for a product that is versatile and can meet a variety of needs, then look no further than Extensible Design.
This sink size adaptable and length adjustable design is perfect for those who need extra storage space.
The ventilated drain creates a healthy environment by keeping it dry and evenly distributing drainage holes.
This design is perfect for those who need extra storage in their kitchen.
The ventilated drain helps keep the sink area dry and healthy, and the adjustable length means it can fit any sink size.
Plus, the large-capacity storage is perfect for holding all your kitchen essentials.
Extensible Design is perfect for different needs and sink sizes.
You can freely adjust the length, and it has large-capacity storage. Ventilated Drain helps create a healthy environment and keeps it dry.
The evenly distributed drain holes help keep it healthy too!
Ventilated Drain Create a healthy environment, keep it dry, drain holes are evenly distributed, and it is heat-resistant.
Extensible Design can meet different needs, adapt to different sink sizes, freely adjust the length, and can be large-capacity storage.

Color Green, Yellow, Red, Blue
Brand PP
Material Polypropylene
Item Dimensions LxWxH 15.35 x 10.63 x 3.54 inches

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